Service Counter of General Affairs Office

  • M.U.S.T. Switchboard & On-campus Enquiry Services

  • Mail Collection and Distribution Service

  • Janitors Service

Venue & Store Management

Procurement & Logistics Services

  • Procurement of Consumables / Fixed Assets / Services, etc.

  • Consumables Warehouse Management

Assets Management

  • Asset Inventory & Disposal

  • Manage Office

  • Furniture Repair & Manage Warehouse

  • Manage Locker Keys

Transportation Management

  • Official Vehicle Arrangement

  • M.U.S.T. Shuttle Car

  • Vehicle Purchase and Maintenance

Design & Printing Services

Renovation & Maintenance Services

  • Renovation Services

  • Property Equipment / Facilities Maintenance

    Including regular inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair of various equipment and facilities within campus to improve efficiency and avoid potential problems to-ensure their normal operation and safety.

Project Support Services

Providing support and coordination services for campus construction and development project planning, as well as improve / optimize the campus equipment system by introducing new technological facilities.

Campus Environment Cleaning & Landscape Services

Campus Safety